Madder Plant


Why Alizarin you may ask.

What does it mean

As you can see, there is a predominately red theme to my website and my work. Just naming my domain 'red' wouldn't encapsulate the meaning or the destination of my photography. Like my work, I needed a name that inspires the passion, craft and innovative style of my own art. After a little research, I came across - ALIZARIN.

The definition of Alizarin derives from the red dye within the root of the madder plant. In 1869, it became the first natural pigment to be duplicated synthetically.

'Passion from the root; the craft of technology and innovation from synthetically creating art from real images.'

Antelope Canyon

About Lynsey

I was first introduced to photoshop at university where I gained my BA(hons) degree in photography/Design. Before I knew it I was hooked. I have been using photoshop doing high end digital photo retouching for over 5 years now, having worked with aerial views, portraiture and still life.

I am very confident that my thought process in photography, and the way I can see style, enables me to push the boundaries of image making to a whole new level.

'I strongly believe that images are there to draw your attention and keep you there'

'For me photoshop is a tool that creates endless possibilities'